Chevy Oil Change

Although synthetic oils have extended the duration between motor oil changes, changing your oil and filter is still a critical part of proper automotive maintenance. If you lapse on maintenance, your engine will experience premature wear and will leave you holding expensive repair bills. In addition to premature failure, an engine that lacks proper lubrication will consume more oil and see performance losses. Luckily, Midway Chevy is always on call to provide the correct grade and volume of motor oil whenever the factory maintenance schedule requires.

Factors in Determining Oil Life

In 2010, Chevy introduced the OLS (Oil Life System) that lets drivers know the percentage of oil life remaining. This information is displayed on the instrument cluster. It is not based solely on mileage or the input of any one sensor. Instead, the OLS is based upon technologically advanced algorithms that consider a variety of factors such as temperature, speed, duty cycles, RPMs, and more to decide when an oil change is due. These computer algorithms were compiled using analytical data from various oil tests on cars in different driving conditions.

Although the OLS allows drivers to extend the time between changes when they are operating in select conditions, it only works if you come to the dealership for the proper type of oil. Otherwise, the recommendations will not be appropriate. This advanced system typically extends the oil life to 7,500 miles or more but may advise a change after just 3,000 miles if you take a lot of short trips in cold weather.


Modern Motor Oil Features

The differences between modern motors oils are astounding. The synthetic motor oils that are available on the market are free of impurities and resist viscosity breakdown much better than traditional oils. This equates to improved heat distribution and longer engine life. Hotspots in the engine are the number one cause for premature failure.

The other amazing fact about modern motor oils is that they may only contain 70 percent oil. The rest of the solution is made up of additive packages that enhance the performance of the oil. These additives improve pourability in cold weather, neutralize harmful acids created by the combustion process, and may even rejuvenate aging seals. When you consider how well modern oils are engineered to protect your engine, it never makes sense to put all that engineering to waste by lapsing on maintenance.

Why Have Your Oil Changed at Midway Chevy?

At Midway Chevy, you have our guarantee on parts and labor with a factory warranty. Why risk your investment by going to a cheap quick lube shop that uses inferior oil and filters that tend to clog? We only use Genuine Chevy filters and the appropriate weight, brand, and type of oil for your vehicle. This ensures that your engine is protected from particulate matter bypassing the filter and from a clogged filter failure. Many cheap oil filters don't even have a bypass valve to save an engine from burning out the bearings when the filter clogs. Other shops use cheap filters that are too small and lead to sludge and clogging.

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Your late-model Chevy requires expert service to keep it running like new for the life of ownership. There is nothing quite as important as changing your oil regularly. We cordially invite everyone to contact Midway Chevy to schedule an appointment today.