2019 Chevrolet Spark Front

The 2019 Chevrolet Spark will surprise you with its attention to reactivity while driving. With several upgrades to the drivetrain and interior, the upcoming 2019 model brings with it many enhancements. The dashboard, for example, has a modern and original finish that gleams with luxury. Also, the addition of the two rear doors on the standard model is cleverly concealed by the door handles.The new Spark remains a great vehicle for trips through the city where it shines.

How Does the Spark Perform in the City?

The spark is perfectly in alignment with the needs of the average urban driver. The display module behind the steering wheel is unusually handy showing additional info to the driver. Also, the ergonomics of this car are fabulous, and like many other aspects, you will appreciate Chevy's attention to detail. The Spark retains its impressive engine that performs efficiently.

How Does the Exterior Stand Out?

Still relatively new in this segment, Chevrolet, with its Spark, has launched into the urban vehicle segment, trying to stand out from the competition with original lines (robust shapes and a short front), rear door handles that are hidden and a dashboard inspired by the motorcycle world.

2019 Chevrolet Spark Colors

What’s New on the Inside?

The center console controls are precise, functional and well presented.  This car also benefits from the fact of being one of the rare city cars available with a 5-door body. In short, this Spark is defined as a small and practical car. The latest addition to the family of small city cars, the Spark aims to seduce young city-dwellers looking for an attractive, practical model within reach of their budget. 

As for the road handling, it performs quickly with a rear axle that remains responsive even after a significant turn of the steering wheel during emergency maneuvers, which is not the case at the wheel of some of its rivals.

If you would like to ask any questions about the upcoming Spark, please contact our dealership. We are always prepared to provide the help you need in order to set you up with a great new car.

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