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Which Chevy Vehicles Have Teen Driver Mode?

Chevy Teen Driver Mode

Chevrolet Teen Driver Technology is a highly innovative safety system that protects, educates and monitors young drivers. The technology promotes safe driving habits to teens by implementing a system of alerts, digital informational displays and locking features. Teen Driver Technology pays close attention to driver speeds, seatbelt use, and music levels. Parents have full control over the Teen Driver Technology and can create a PIN they can use to access the system.

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Protect Your Car From Hacking With These Easy Tips

Interior Leather is a Good Thing

Car hackers are a relatively new breed of nuisance, but they are causing big problems in the world already. When someone takes over a phone system, you risk identity theft and other annoyances, but when someone takes over your vehicle, you are faced with serious safety issues. It's in your best interests to safeguard your vehicle against any type of hacking activity.

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