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  • Hugh Abbott,
    Service Advisor

    • Place of Birth: New York, NY
    • Years in Business: 32 years

    Hugh is a Service Advisor with over 9 years of experience with GM. He loves the outdoors, going to car shows, dirt bike riding, camping, working in the yard and on a nice day, a round of golf or two. He also enjoys spending time with his family.

    Hugh has been awarded the Service Advisor of the year 4 years in a row.

  • Daniel Castillo,
    Service Advisor

    • Place of Birth: Yuma, Arizona
    • Years in Business: 14 years
    • 2nd Language: Spanish

    Daniel has been with Midway 8 years. He has won the Mark of Excellence Award. He enjoys off-roading with his ATV and his Silverado and he likes to play sports like soccer and boxing.

    On his off time, Daniel enjoys watching UFC, NFL football, boxing, NHRA racing and Nascar.

  • Christopher Craig, Service Advisor

    Years of automotive service: Three

    Awards/service training: Service Excellence

    GM training: Certified in all vehicles offered through GM

    Hobbies and interests: cars, snowboarding, Motocross, football

    Something nobody knows about you:  I was born in Alabama.

  • Brad Hallock ,
    Service Advisor

    Place of Birth: Buffalo, NY

    Years of automotive service: 4 years

    Hobbies and interests: Proud father to twin boys, moved here from NY, enjoy spending time with my family and I love to travel!

  • Jason Luedtke, Service Advisor

  • Dragan Perikic,
    Service Advisor

    • Place of Birth: Trbovlje, Slovenia
    • Years in Business: 9 Years
    • Languages: Speaks Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian

    Received a "Top Service Advisors" award for past four years. Service Training: GM Certified Service Consultant, from 2007 to present. Hobbies & Interest: Spending time outdoors, in nature.

    Dragan enjoys quad riding, golfing (still a learner) and online gaming. He speaks perfect Croatian, Bosnian, and Serbian and has a degree in Organizational Security and Management, with a concentration in Homeland Security and counter-terrorism. Currently pursuing a graduate program for a Master's degree in Business Administration.

  • Mike Lewis, Commercial Service Advisor

  • Dan Galaviz, Commercial Service Advisor

  • Brian Doeden, Commercial Advisor

    Place of Birth: Phoenix, AZ
    Years in Business: 27 years

    Brian has many awards and training through General Motors. He enjoys Nascar, wood working, trap and Skeet Shooting.  Brian truly enjoys the outdoors, he likes to camp and go boating and quad ridding.
    Brian is also a Coach for youth football.

  • Ralph Miller, Commercial Advisor

    Ralph has over 39 years in the Automobile Business, he is UTI Certified for gas and Diesel. He also has his GM Mark of Excellence award (2) years in a row.

    In Ralph's spare time he enjoys a good round or golf or two.

    He was born overseas in Morocco.

  • Jordan Harris, Quick Lube Service Advisor

    Years of auto service: 1 year

    Training: Service training, Service handling, Object handling

    Hobbies/Interests: I own a recording studio. I am also a motorcycle enthusiast. I play a lot of instruments but guitar will always be my favorite.

    Something no one knows about you: I can actually play more than 15 instruments

  • Kurt Hugelman, Shop Foreman

  • Oscar Terrazas, Accessories Director

    Place of Birth: East LA, California

    Hello! My name is Oscar Terrazas. I've been in the aftermarket auto accessory/performance business for 16 + years. I am dedicated to making your personal vehicle, company fleet, or any other vehicle unique to your specifications. Give me your ideas and I will make them reality. I enjoy spending my weekends snowboarding when the winter season comes and have had the opportunity to travel all over the world. Come find me in the Midway Chevrolet Vehicle Design Center and let's get your next vehicle project started.

  • Casey Dahmen,
    Parts Director

    Casey has over 20 years in the Automobile business. He carries over three million dollars in parts inventory. Casey is part of the APA Automotive Parts Alliance.

    He enjoys going to the lake and boating, likes the action of NASCAR and a good game of football. Casey is also quite a practical joker.

  • Simon Escobedo, Parts Associate

  • Mike Bigar, Parts Associate

  • James Fagan, Shuttle Driver

  • Randy Sproate, Shuttle Driver

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