Newly Converted Chevy K5 Blazer-E  

In 2021, General Motors aims to start selling electric motor conversion kits for its gasoline-powered vehicles. The kits will use the Chevy Bolt EV components to turn other non-electric Chevy vehicles into electric models. The kit will include an electric motor and a separate 60-kWh battery. Consumers will also get DC/AC inverters, DC/DC converters, and a wiring harness.

The electric conversion kits from Chevrolet can be used for a variety of vehicles. To test out the new kits, Chevy outfitted a gasoline engine from the 1977 Chevy K5 Blazer with the new electric motor and battery from a Chevy Bolt EV. The vehicles that have been outfitted with the kit from the Bolt EV have run fine to date. Along with the motor and battery, Chevrolet may also start producing and distributing motor kit packages with details to be released later about their content.

Electric Motor Kit Power and Performance

Additionally, Chevrolet has yet to provide more details about the power and performance characteristics of its electric motor kits. However, the automaker appears likely to use a powertrain from the Bolt EV that uses a 60-kWh and 400V battery pack. In total, the system is expected to produce approximately 200 HP and 266 LB-FT of torque. Along with the mechanical system, drivers may need to include other parts and accessories to make their vehicles operate fully on electricity, including electric power steering systems and controllers that will connect the gauges to the engine and provide information on the car's performance. The brakes may need to be updated as well.

Parts for the electric motor conversion kit come from the Chevrolet Bolt EV. The Bolt EV is popular for its range and efficiency. At most, the Bolt EV can reach nearly 260 miles of range. Its motor produces 200 HP and 260 LB-FT of torque. Its electric system provides fast acceleration and overall nimble handling.

Chevrolet eCrate

EV Retrofit Kit Installation

Although the electric motor conversion kit has been met with much enthusiasm among drivers, converting a gasoline-based mechanical system to an electric one takes time, patience, and skill. If you would like to convert your vehicle to an electric mechanical system, it's important to have a skilled and certified mechanic work on your car.

Contact our dealership today to learn more about how our expert technicians can help replace your car's current engine with one that operates on electricity instead. A certified eCrate technician can also explain how the other components from the kit can benefit your car and improve its performance.

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