Having a temperature-controlled vehicle when you slide behind the wheel can be an excellent convenience to have. Whether you're dealing with scorching summer temperatures or cold winter temperatures that are below freezing, a Chevrolet remote start can help you get your interior to a comfortable temperature before you arrive inside your automobile. Many of the new and used Chevy models on our lot in Phoenix have this feature, and we are about to give you a rundown of how the remote start feature works.

How to Remotely Start Your Vehicle

If your trim level has a remote start feature, you don't have to do much to remotely start your vehicle. You do have to be at least 197 feet away from the car for it to start, so keep that in mind. Point your key fob directly at your vehicle. Hit the lock button once. After you have hit the lock button, hold the start button down for approximately five seconds or until you hear your engine start-up. You can let go of the control once you hear the engine engage.

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Once it is running, the temperature of your vehicle will depend on what you left it at when you turned off your engine. If you think you'll be using your remote start before returning to your vehicle, make sure you have the controls set to where you want them to be later on in the day. You may be dealing with a chilly morning, but a warm afternoon will require you to have your air conditioning ready to go.

A remote start feature in your next Chevrolet model is convenient whether you want to warm your engine up before leaving for the day, you have small children that you have to load up in the vehicle on a cold or hot day, or you simply want to remain comfortable for your entire drive. Visit Midway Chevrolet in Phoenix if you would like to check out some of the current inventory on our lot that includes the remote start feature.

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