The Corvette History from C1 to C8  

The Corvette has a long history in the United States. Here's an overview of its history, going from C1 to C8 with other information included as well.

The corvette first started production in 1953—only under 200 sold at the time. The debut was the Motorama show. Later on, in 1944 and 1955. There are more options on this one, including red, black, and blue instead of just tan with a blacktop.

The first highly popular corvette came out in 1956 with a prototype. By 1062 you have the C1, which was a 2 door convertible with the V8 engine. People call the C1 Corvette the vehicle that came out between 1053 and 1962.

The C2 Corvette started in 1963 and went until1967. The 1963 version was known as the Sting Ray. It had an independent rear suspension and a body made of fiberglass. The Z03 version of the Corvette was made for racing and included a vacuum brake booster. The 1965 version was bigger and had four-wheel disc brakes.

The C3 is stated as going from 1968 until 1982. The first car from this period is referred to as the “Sharknado” since the grill on the side looks like gills with the long sleek style.

The C4 ranged between the years 1984 and 1996. These sports cars had extra clearance but still a low center of gravity. These vehicles look different as part of the fourth generation. The 1984 and 1985 Corvette is known as one of the most iconic vehicles of the time, with the flat rear with the four lights there.

The C5 options started in 1997. They still had a sleek look but were redesigned with the new LS1 engine.

For C6 vehicles, they started in 2005 and went until 2013. These vehicles had an increased power-to-weight ratio that made them even faster than ever. For the C7 vehicles, start in 2014 and go until 2019. This generation of vehicles started with an aluminum frame. The changes are considerable with the LT1-V8 engines. These go up to 460 horsepower, which is a considerable amount of power. There's also the 8-speed automatic option. The current generation, called C8, started with the 2020 year. This has the vehicle putting the engine behind the passenger compartment.

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