Hit play on this informative video to see the benefits of getting your oil changed in Phoenix!

If you cherish your Chevrolet, make sure you treat it right and give it the care it deserves. Following the recommended schedule for basic service is very important to your car's health and will keep it running strong for the long term. If your Chevy needs an oil change in Phoenix, bring it to Midway Chevrolet's service center for assistance and bring our Chevy oil change coupon along!

What's the Big Deal About Oil Changes?

From cleaning to preventing rust, motor oil serves many functions that are essential to maintaining your vehicle's performance and overall health. For these reasons and others, one should never skip getting their oil changes. Plus, living in Phoenix, oil wears out faster due to the severe temperatures we experience for a significant portion of the year, making it even more important to get this service performed regularly and on time.

Oil Changes are Vital to your Chevy

We already mentioned that motor oil cleans and prevents rust, but it does a lot more than this, too. Along with cleaning out debris and suspending contaminants produced during the engine's combustion process, engine oil lubricates all of the metal pieces that make up the engine, providing a seal and reducing friction. Oil also delivers heat away from the engine, preventing damage to parts caused by overheating.

Use Our Chevrolet Oil Change Coupon to Save!

When you receive an oil change in Phoenix at Midway Chevrolet, you'll receive brand-new oil that performs a variety of important functions. You'll also receive courteous service from our friendly staff, as well as amenities like free Wi-Fi and refreshments in our large, comfortable waiting area.

From low-cost service and repair to free recall work, collision repair and more, our certified technicians cover it all! Take advantage of their expertise the next time you visit our dealership off Bell Road!


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