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The Chevrolet Suburban Maintenance Schedule Outlined by Midway Chevrolet

You can use your Chevrolet Suburban for many different purposes, including transporting your family around town, going on road trips, or simply commuting to and from work. To maintain reliability during these drives, it's important that you pay close attention to the Chevrolet Suburban service intervals that the manufacturer has recommended. This service is designed to provide you with a safe and reliable vehicle for years to come.

15,000-Mile Service

Our mechanics will change your oil at 15,000-miles. While we're completing this appointment, we'll also take a look at your tires and brakes. While you may not have a lot of mileage on your vehicle yet, there may be some wear that should be addressed. We also inspect your safety features during routine appointments to ensure everything is in working order.

30,000-Mile Service

Another inspection of your brakes and tires will be performed at 30,000-miles, along with another oil change and change of your oil filter. You should expect that your oil filter and air filter will need to be changed at this appointment, especially if you have been driving in a very dusty environment.

60,000-Mile Service

We'll be adding some additional maintenance items to your Chevrolet Suburban maintenance schedule now that you're creeping up in the miles. We'll perform an inspection of your tires, brakes and complete an oil change at this appointment. We'll also inspect your coolant and transmission fluid levels. We will also check your battery to see if it's capable of charging and holding its charge.

90,000-Mile Service

The 90,000-mile service appointment will include everything typically performed up until this point in time, along with some other items. It will also include an inspection of spark plugs, power steering fluid, and your timing belt. Another oil change is needed at this point.

Don't put off scheduling a service appointment for your Chevrolet Suburban at Midway Chevrolet in Phoenix. We are more than happy to give you a rundown of what your interval schedule should look like. We can also address any issues that you have been experiencing with your vehicle. It's important that you have issues taken care of right away. This is a beneficial way of preventing future problems from occurring that will be very expensive to take care of.


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