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Make sure that you know what's going on with your vehicle at all times. While you may quickly notice vibrations in the steering wheel or fluid leaking out the bottom of your automobile, there's a lot that goes on internally as well. For example, monitoring the temperature of your engine is incredibly important to protect its integrity. If you notice that the temperature gauge isn't reading what it should be, let us know what's going on to provide you with the necessary diagnostics and repairs.

Cooling System

Coolant is running through your cooling system as a way to regulate the temperature inside of your engine. While we check these fluid levels routinely during your appointments, recent damage may have caused a leak that we don't know about. Keep an eye out for fluid under your vehicle, but let us know about overheating as well.

Water Pump

The water pump is an integral part of your cooling system. It helps push the coolant through your engine by way of pressure. If that pressure is lost because of damage to the water pump, your vehicle will overheat.


Fans are located inside your radiator to provide cool air used to bring your engine's temperature down. These fans can have issues with proper revolutions; the radiator may have damage, or one of the other parts inside could be damaged, leading to overheating.


A thermostat is essential when it comes to monitoring the internal temperature of your engine. There is a valve inside of this area of your engine that we see issues with on occasion. If that valve isn't opening or closing properly, the coolant can't pass through.

Belts and Hoses

Repairing and replacing hoses and belts within your engine is a common process we take care of here at our service center. It's common for a belt to slip off as well. These working parts must be in sync with each other to keep your engine at a cool temperature. We'll inspect many of these parts as part of your routine maintenance appointment as well.

Give Midway Chevrolet a call today if you would like one of our experienced technicians to address an overheating engine. Even if this problem only occurs intermittently, we can inspect everything to determine what's going on.


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