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Arizona Helping Hands Overview

Loving, caring households take in children who have been abandoned or removed from their homes, and Arizona Helping Hands (AHH) is there for those children and their families every step of the way. This compassionate and caring non-profit does everything it can to help children in foster care receive essential items after leaving their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Arizona Helping Hands Services

All children have needs, but children in foster care especially need the love of a supportive community. AHH is always there to provide basic needs like beds, cribs, clothing, hygiene items, and more. The organization also works to lift their spirits with birthday packages to celebrate their special day. In addition, AHH helps with much-needed back-to-school supplies and even provides items for the home, such as fire extinguishers and first aid kits, ensuring a safe home environment.

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Another helpful program they have is called "Foster Footlockers." This storage container with a lock and key offers children in foster care a safe place to store their personal belongings. Everyone needs a safe place, both for themselves and the things they own. Footlockers are an excellent solution. This is just one example of how the good-hearted citizens in Phoenix can show children in foster care that people care and want to help keep them safe.

AHH continues to carve a path forward for children in foster care showing them that the community has not forgotten them and they are loved. The programs at AHH give children in foster care a chance to fit in, have a fresh start, and create confidence that can last a lifetime. For now, though, people who lend a hand at AHH show them that, most of all, the world is a fun place filled with opportunity. Children in foster care and their families greatly benefit from these services.

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