GM to Replace Chevrolet Express with EVs in 2026  

Chevy made a move in its lineup of full-size vans in line with its electric vehicle offerings. GM announced that it will replace the Chevrolet Express in 2026. The new vans will be based on the company's Ultium platform, similar to the BrightDrop Zevo 600.

GM's decision to phase out its gas-powered vans is a more significant effort to move away from traditional fuel sources and toward electric power. In addition, the company has announced plans to introduce 20 new electric models by 2023. This latest move further solidifies its commitment to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

For commercial customers and fleet operators who rely on Express and Savana for their business, the news may be cause for concern. However, GM has promised that the new EVs will be just as capable as their gas-powered predecessors, with the same range, payload capacity, and towing capacity.

So far, GM has not released any images or specs for the new EVs, but we expect to see more information in the coming months. In the meantime, fleet operators and business owners should start planning to switch to electric power as alternatives to the Express and Savana.

Here's What We Know

It's the end of an era.

The Chevrolet Express will end its production run after the 2025 model year. The vans, which have been in production since the 1971 model year, will be replaced by electric models. General Motors announced the decision to end production of the vans in a press release. "After a fantastic run of nearly 50 years, the Express and Savana will end in the 2025 model year," said Steve Hill, GM executive vice president and president of North America Operations. "We're thankful for all the great work our Chevy…dealers have done over the years, selling and servicing these vans for our customers."

GM has confirmed that it is working on a new battery-electric full-size van to replace the Express/Savana. Ford's new E-Transit is based on the company's existing C-Max platform. The GM van will be based on the company's new EV-specific Ultium modular battery pack and skateboard chassis. GM needs to release details about the van's specs or pricing, but it will likely be competitive with the Ford E-Transit.

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