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From the ground up, there are multiple reasons why your car begins shaking. Sometimes you can tell where the shaking originates based on the car's behavior, such as if the shaking worsens when you drive faster or starts when you stop. A shaking car always warrants a mechanic's immediate attention, as it can indicate a significant problem. If your vehicle starts shaking, one of these five leading causes may be to blame.


The brakes, especially the front brakes, are especially susceptible to wear. The brakes on the average car last for about 50,000 miles. If your vehicle is approaching the 50,000-mile mark and you haven't yet had the brakes replaced, it might be time to do so. Shaking caused by the brakes may be more noticeable when you hit the brakes. Additionally, you may hear a screeching or grating sound coming from the brakes. This is caused when the brake pads wear out and allow the brake rotors, which are metal components, to rub against each other. The brake pads, rotors, or even the brakes themselves may need to be replaced.


Problems with the wheels may also lead to the car's shaking or vibrations. The wheels can become damaged from potholes or encountering other mishaps as you're driving along. If the problem comes from the wheels, the car may start to shake more with acceleration. Parts on the wheels that go bad, such as the ball joints and tie end rods, may lead to vibration. Shaking that's coming from the wheels might also be accompanied by a wobbly steering wheel.


Problems with the engine can also appear in the form of shaking and vibration. You may notice that the shaking is worse when you start the car or persists as you drive along. Sometimes, faulty spark plugs are to blame for shaking that begins with the engine. Spark plugs will generally last from 80,000 miles to 100,000 miles, but they can sometimes last longer. If you drive a higher-mileage car, have a mechanic check the spark plugs to see if they're worn out.

Alternatively, the air filter that delivers clean and oxygenated air to the engine may become contaminated and filled with debris. When that happens, the engine doesn't get enough oxygen, and its performance suffers as a result. The air filter may need to be cleaned or replaced.


The tires can cause excessive vibration and shaking if they wear out unevenly or if their surfaces are too worn all together. Tires that are not balanced correctly or filled either too little or too far out of their recommended range can make the car shake. This problem is usually most noticeable as you're driving.


Your car's axles may become dented or damaged from running over curbs, hitting potholes, or getting into even a minor accident. Shaking that worsens with acceleration is a good indication of a problem with the axle.

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